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Your technology
in the detail
it deserves.

Edutorials for the sophisticated buyer.

Up to 3 hr


Specialist in


Content for


Short production turnaround

What We Offer

Not just catchy sound bites.

We build customer understanding from the ground up.

Communicate your whole value, with us.

Why Utilise Deep Tech Dive

C-Suites want more

Buyers are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Communicate the whole picture

There are no short cuts. Educating the buyer leads to true differentiation.


We know your product is unique. Does your customer? We put in the effort to communicate you. 

Experienced Advisor Service

No Creative? No problem, let us do what we do best.


  • Why are your videos in a long format?
    Because everyone else’s isn’t. We know that the internet is awash with 10 second, click bait video's. Built largely for the consumer market of $1,000 phones, or $50 speakers. Our videos are built for the Boardroom Executive – The people who are going to sign off on your products and services. Do they know you? Do they care deeply enough? In days of old, this detail was delivered by a sales representative. Now everyone researches beforehand themselves. Educating Executives at this point helps companies educate and solve unexpressed client needs before the customer even realises. The result? You get highly educated buyers, requesting your product.
  • How long does it take to create a video?
    We know creating marketing can be a daunting task. Our team will take the time to research and get to know your company. Once we know who you are trying to reach and want to communicate with, our team of writers and producers will craft the script, complete the production and pass back a full edited video ready for you to use. If you need us to do more, we can do all of it.
  • What if my company is a specialist in one area?
    Even better. Me too brands are a plenty, let us tell your story. Deep Tech Dive specialises in taking the time to really understand your company, its values, and how this impacts the products that you produce. If you are different, that is exactly how you are going to stand out. We love new and old specialist areas, and with our team of technical specialists you'll find a educated and open mind.
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